How do my Block Club, Community Group and/or organization apply for KAB grants through Keep Detroit Beautiful?

Contact Keep Detroit Beautiful by phone or email stating you would like to partner with KDB on your community project. KDB will forward you a questionnaire with the instructions to complete the grant application process. Submit your grant application to KDB. KDB will submit your project to KAB with a letter of recommendation.

As a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, Keep Detroit Beautiful can partner with the community groups to provide grant opportunities that can be used for creating and expanding local programs. These competitive grants promote volunteerism, beautification, community greening, litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, and more. These significant grants allow KDB to further KAB’s mission to build and sustain vibrant communities.

KDB Grant Results

May 2014

KDB received a $10,000 grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation to support Pinehurst Block Club Safety, Well Being and Beautification Project”.

June 2014

KDB received a $5,000 grant from Anheuser-Bush for a Bud Light “Do Good. Have Fun” promotion that help fund a portion of the rehab of Forrest Park with the assistance of Pepsi Beverage Co. –Detroit DPC.

August 2014

KDB received a $10,000 from Waste Management “Think Green” grant to support Green Living Science. The grant will be used to support the program at 10 schools that will include an all school assembly, a parent workshop and up to 15 recycling vouchers per school.

March 2015

KDB received a $10,000 from Waste Management “Think Green” grant to support Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision’s Tire Sweep Challenge that encourages education and environmentally sound practices for proper collection of discarded tires.

June 2015

KDB received a $10,000 2015 KAB/Lowes Community Improvement Grant to support the 18000 Greely Street Block Club to improve safety, clean, unite and beautify our neighborhood.

* As grants become available they will be posted here on the website. Contact: Keep Detroit Beautiful by email: